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Classification of Visual Art from the Perspective of Reality

The desire to communicate with the audience is the inspiration that drives every artist. Every form of art has a language of its own.

The artist wants to express his mind and share ideas, emotion and feelings through visual art.  It is his way of speaking to people.

Visual art is extremely powerful as a media, and it has become hugely popular over the years.

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The language of art is no less engaging or powerful than spoken words.

Moreover, it comes with additional elements such as shape, texture, line and color. What could have been spoken is expressed through these elements of art. Visual art is a very broad term that captures a variety of art forms. From drawing and painting to photography, sculpting and film making — everything falls under this category.  The various classifications of visual arts and its types have been discussed in this post.

Types of visual arts

Visual art is primarily based on subjects derived from what we see around us. Artists have used different forms for expressing it, and that has given a name to that art form. That is why we see drawing, painting, sculpting, architecture, photography, digital art, film making and print making all included in it. Visual arts can be divided into three broad categories depending on how the subjects are represented. The three categories are:

Representational Art

This is the oldest form of art that is closest to reality. No matter which art form is used, subjects drawn from reality are represented in the way they actually exist.  Whether it is in painting or in sculpture, the way of representation remains the same. What we see in real life is recreated through art work. The subjects are easily unidentifiable, and the audience is able to connect with them comfortably. Representational art is by far the most popular form of visual art for this reason. Being the oldest and easiest to understand, the majority of artwork has been created in this category. During the course of evolution, a new art form emerged from it. It is popularly known as abstract art.

Abstract Art

Abstract art has its roots inside representational art as it uses subjects from reality. However, the form of expression and representation is different from what we actually see in real life. The subject is transformed by using the elements of the art form that is used. What we see seems to be linked to reality, but it is not quite recognizable. The subject is tweaked by the artist as he wants to project it in a non-traditional manner. This form started gaining popularity from the end of the 19th century. The urge to deviate from reality without denying it has given birth to this art form.

Non-Objective Art

This is a development that originates from abstract art, but it bears little resemblance to its parent. Unlike abstract art that revolves around subjects taken from reality, this form can be completely detached from it. This type of art is created only for the joy of aesthetics, and it does not want to convey any message. It is created only to appeal to the aesthetic senses of the viewers.


Difference Between Fine Arts and Visual Arts

These are the most popular categories of visual arts.

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