Printing Tips – How to Save Money on Printing Services for Your Business

No matter what the industry, almost any business will need such as posters, flyers, brochures and business card printing. Finding ways to save money on marketing expenses can help lessen the financial constraints on companies, especially for small businesses. The following tips can help reduce advertising costs for your business:

• Set up a printing allotment. Plan out a budget for the printing needs of your business. Firmly adhere to the spending allocations earmarked specifically for printing purposes. Keep your budget in mind when seeking out low-cost printing companies and devising your print order.

• Use an online printing company. Eliminate overhead expenses by finding an affordable online printer. Utilizing digital printing techniques can save you time and money by printing on demand with fast turn around times. Shipping costs are generally minimal. Even with the added expense of shipping, ordering your print job online can still save money over a more costly local print shop. Spend a little time researching for the best deals. You might even find coupons or special offers that will negate any shipping charges.

• Don’t go overboard with colors. Lots of colors can look snazzy and catch the eye. But the more colors you use in a print job, the more it will cost you. Consider whether or not full color printing is actually a necessity. Making the decision to go with just two or three colors can offer a vast savings difference over full color printing. Two-color printing can still offer an eye-catching, sharp, professional looking outcome.

• Order enough to keep a good stock on hand. Most printers offer discounts for buying larger quantities at a time. Buying in bulk will save you in the long run from spending more on setting up another print job and paying more delivery fees when you run out of marketing materials. If your logo or brochure printing won’t be changing anytime soon, go ahead and order enough to last throughout the entire year.

• Think standardized. Being creative and different can be a good thing. However, when wanting to scale back your business budget, it is best to use the standard colors and sizes available. Custom colors and cardstock shapes can be an unnecessary, highly excessive strain on the spending allotments planned for your business. Add a bit of unique flair, style and design with the images you choose for your marketing projects instead.

• Consider offering ad space. Revenue gained from selling ads can recoup your printing costs. Think about selling ad space on items like restaurant menus and promotional printings for your business such as flyers, brochures, pamphlets and calendars.

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