How is Technology Shaping our Society

We live in an era of digital revolution, people have become too dependent on technology, and the further progress is inevitable. We could say that before the invention of the Internet things went slowly, but now the technology is shaping our lives in more ways than ever. When we think back the first cellphones and computers, we need to admit that technology follows the society in every step and moves it toward the future. When you look at the recent news, Dubai introduced a first humanoid robot, who even got their citizenship. So, let’s look at what future holds for us.

Artificial Intelligence

In the future, we can expect the implementation of artificial intelligence in all spheres of our society. Even now many major companies are trying to develop and perfect this field, and they believe that AI will help them increase the use of technology even more. In the following years, the goal of big corporations would be to develop the machines which have the ability to think and make decisions. On the other hand, many people are afraid that machine will replace their place in the world and that number of work palaces will decrease because the human labor will not be needed.

Technology in Education and Work

Nowadays, students aren’t required to attend schools because they can take online classes and get a degree. This is a significant progress, and it saves a lot of time and effort. Not, you just choose a university course you want to attend and enroll in it. The same situation is in business, companies don’t require the physical presence of their workers, and they allow them the work from home. In this way, people can work from the convenience of their home, and companies can save money on space. That’s why freelancing has become so popular. In the future, we can expect a lot of workplaces like this, where physical presence won’t be needed.

Technology for Fun


In this area, the technology has made the most significant progress. You can’t imagine any man without having a smartphone or computer. They have become parts of our family. The use of internet has enabled many possibilities to humans. We now can communicate with people all over the word for free, share media content and meet new people, who are continents away. In this way, we need to admit that technology plays a critical role in our society. But, one the other hand, it also carries additional risks. People have lost the sense of privacy, and everything has become public. This type of situation gave hackers a lot of freedom and technology taught people how to be corrupt and abuse it.

We can often hear the cases of identity theft or fraud, which is a serious issue nowadays. People need to be aware of all risks and learn how to protect themselves.

They need to find a balance, and even though the technology can be a convenient thing, it can also be a great danger.